THE ARASYS – Muscle toning machine

If someone told you that one relaxing treatment could give your body the equivalent workout of 300 sit-ups, you’d probably want to know about it, right?

The Arasys inch-loss system, a highly effective and relatively stress-free treatment devised by pacemaker co-inventor Gerry Pollock.

This system offers intense, yet effortless workout that achieves results in a fraction of the time needed at a gym. It uses low intensity microcurrent to trigger all the biological processes involved in physical exercise, including detoxification and increased rate of metabolism.  It combines intensity, effectiveness and  comfort.

Here is how it works

During an Arasys session, moist sponges are applied to the weight loss target areas of the body. A trained professional uses these pads to carry the Arasys 1000 frequency waveform safely and with perfect precision. The patient will feel the subtle vibrations of the wave as their muscles contract smoothly, but this is rarely painful, and some patients even find the experience relaxing. Making an Arasys all the more rewarding. Results will be noticeable almost immediately

Arasys Advantage

The advantage with Arasys is that your muscles don’t become overstressed as they do during real exercise, thus burning fat cells without cutting your glucose levels. The end result is a weight loss technique that works without leaving your body fatigued or sore.

The typical Arasys treatment takes 17 minutes and can simultaneously improve your metabolism, skin elasticity, oxygenation, circulation, and overall physical stamina. It can also trim 2-6 inches off your waistline and help ease muscle pain.


Arasys Body toning & inch loss 25 minutes

The only inch loss system that combines intensity, effectiveness and comfort using microcurrents for abs, thighs, and rear lifts.

1st time introductory price
1 treatment
3 treatments
6 treatments
12 treatments
Arasys -fast results 50 minutes
Body sculpting and skin tightening.

1st time introductory price
1 treatment
3 treatments
6 treatments
12 treatments

*Maintenance $150* Only applicable after full package of 6 or 12 has been completed.