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Children’s Pedicure (10 & under) $23

Express Pedicure/ With Paraffin or Callus Treatment $28/$36

Hot Cream Pedicure $35
Pamper your feet and lower legs with a lush warm cream wrap and pedicure.

Men’s Sport Pedicure $37
Treat your feet with a sugar scrub, warm towel treatment and massage

Spa Pedicure $45
Includes sugar scrub and clay masque.

Ocean Spa Pedicure $55
Exfoliate with beach sand, followed by a marine masque and paraffin.

Earth Spa Pedicure $55
Exfoliate with alfa hydroxyl, followed by a clay foot masque and paraffin.

Green Tea Pedicure $60
Enjoy a bath soak, exfoliation, green tea mud treatment and paraffin.

Chocolate Pedicure $60
A delicious combination of chocolate bath, masque and massage.

Tropical Paradise Pedicure $60
Choose from aromas of papaya, milk & honey, pomegranate, citrus & herbs.
Treatment is followed with a callous treatment and dermal masque.

Peppermint Pedicure $60
Includes peppermint scrub and foot masque, and oil massage.

Footlogix Pedicure $60 (good for diabetics)
For dry, cracked feet. Exfoliate with a mango scrub, followed by a
smoothing solution, massage and healing foot mousse.

Heaven on Earth Pedicure $65
Peppermint leaf exfoliation, callus treatment and perfectsense paraffin wrap.

Pumpkin Peel Pedicure $65
Exfoliate with essence of pumpkin, followed by a stimulating

Solace Signature Pedicure $65
Includes sugar scrub callus removal, anti-aging masque and paraffin treat.

Mango Pedicure $65
Smooth your feet with a mango peel, masque and paraffin treatment.

Romance and Rose Pedicure $65
Bubbly soak, rose petal scrub, masque, sea butter massage & moisturizer.

Champagne and Rose Pedicure $65
Grape enzyme & fruit acid smooth, followed by a masque & moisturizer.

Cranberry Pedicure $65
Antioxidant soak, cranberry scrub & masque, paraffin and moisturizer.

Strawberry Margarita Pedicure $65
Enjoy a lemon soak, strawberry seed scrub and gel masque.

Four Season Pedicure $65
Treat your feet with a winter soak (hot chocolate & peppermint),
spring scrub, summer masque & autumn moisturizer.

Baby Soft Pedicure $65
Soothe with a lavender sea salt exfoliation, mud wrap and paraffin.

Healing Pedicure $70 (good for diabetics)
Includes garden sugar scrub, non-aggressive callous removal, cooling
masque, foot mousse, paraffin wrap and hydrating heel recovery treatment.

Herbology Stone Pedicure $70
Chinese herb exfoliation, warm stone massage, masque, and lotion.

Reflexology Pedicure $70
Features moisturizing masque, salts, lotion and reflexology massage.

Mother of Earth Pedicure $70
Energize and bring balance to your body with ayurvedic salts, an herb
exfoliation, rose powder masque, 3 metal massage & paraffin.

Hot Stone Reflexology $80
Enjoy a foot bath, scrub, marine masque and warm


What customers are saying..

Yesterday a friend and I went in for both a manicure and pedicure.  We opted for the “spa pedi” at $45, but they “upsold” us to the “ocean spa pedi” for $55.   The ocean spa pedi was just wonderful.  There is a scrub, a mask, and a paraffin treatment.  It lasted about an hour and it was amazing.  They also offered us tea, water, soda or “wine”.  We chose white wine and it was more of a sparkling pink, but it was good, and there was no extra charge, we each had 2 glasses.

When we moved on to mani, it was a good, basic mani (the “express” at $18).  I paid $7 extra for a french manicure.  She did a great job, though the white part is a little larger than I would have chosen.

In all, we spent $77 ($55 pedi, $15 mani – they give a discount for doing more than one service, and $7 french). It was a wonderful escape for my friend and I, and we’ll definitely go back.

Also, they have about 30 different kinds of pedicures there, its amazing!
Kim C. Alexandria, VA