Children’s Manicure (10 & under) $13

Express Manicure/with Paraffin $18/$25

Men’s Sport Manicure $27
Treat your hands with a sugar scrub, warm towel treatment and massage

Soak Off Manicure $27
Your hands will delight in this softening yet stimulating treatment.

Hot Cream Manicure $25
Soak your hands in a warm, nourishing cream, followed by a manicure.

Warm Food Manicure $30
Feed your fingers with moisture, protein and collagen.

Spa Manicure $35
Includes citrus glow exfoliation with crystal activator and paraffin treat.

Pumpkin Peel Manicure $40
Exfoliate with essence of pumpkin, followed by a stimulating manicure.

Tropical Paradise Manicure $35
Choose from aromas of papaya, milk & honey, pomegranate, citrus & herbs.

Solace Signature Manicure $45
Includes warm food treat, soak, sugar scrub, algae masque and eucalyptus paraffin treatment.

Heaven on Earth Manicure $45
Includes light peppermint exfoliation, vitamin-C massage, perfect sense individual paraffin wrap, and hydrating lotion.

Herbology Stone Manicure $50
Delight in a Chinese herb exfoliation, warm stone massage, nourishing hand masque, and hydrating lotion.

Happy Hand Spa Manicure $45
Enjoy a lavender exfoliation and rejuvenating LED light therapytreatment.

Anti-Aging Collagen Manicure $60
Skin-renewing collagen ampoules leave your hands youthfully rejuvenated.

Mango Manicure $40
Relish in a smoothing mango peel, masque and paraffin treatment.

Romance and Rose Manicure $40
Bubbly soak, rose petal scrub, masque, sea butter massage & moisturizer.

Champagne and Rose Manicure $40
Grape enzyme & fruit acid smooth, followed by a masque & moisturizer.

Cranberry Manicure $40
Antioxidant soak, cranberry scrub & masque, paraffin and moisturizer.

Strawberry Margarita Manicure $40
Enjoy a lemon soak, strawberry seed scrub and gel masque.

Four Season Manicure $40
Treat your hands with a winter soak (hot chocolate & peppermint),
spring scrub, summer masque & autumn moisturizer.


What customers are saying..

One of the girls at Bed Bath & Beyond (same complex) recommended this place …thank you!
It’s a bit pricey, but their manic/pedi service has been consistently good. Very short wait times, and they have a good range of colors. If you don’t like their colors, walk across the lot to Sally’s 🙂 The Ocean Spa Pedicureis awesome. I can’t remember the name of the guy who is really good…will update this review as soon as I remember his name.
Malu D.

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